Working words is a book of friendly ‘chats’ about writing, editing, freelancing, the ethics of being an editor, answers to some common English grammar questions, and a lot of fun ‘itchypencils’.

‘Itchypencilitis’ is the curse of editors and authors – it’s that feeling of helplessness that you get when you see something misspelt, an apostrophe in the wrong place, meaning obscure, and you are driving and can’t write it down. Itchypencils are great fun to see and to think about afterwards!

To learn more, and to get your copy of Working words, go to the book image above (Canberra Society of Editors), or Contact me to send an email.

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Do you wish there was an easy way to learn to write emails and reports effectively? Did you miss out on learning about sentence and paragraph structure? Is English a second or third language for you? Is it hard to tell people you supervise at work that their writing could be improved, yet not know quite how to explain it? Would you like to be able to write effectively yourself, and be able to help others do the same?

Then Effective writing is the book for you. This new edition is a complete update on the first edition that has been popular for many years. It includes writing emails, material for websites, text messages for the workplace, and much more that wasn’t in the first edition.

To learn more, and to get your copy of Effective writing, go to the book image above (Lacuna Publishing) or Contact me to send an email.

BOOK LAUNCHEffective writing was launched by Jack Waterford, editor-at-large, Canberra Times, on 11 July 2014. Special launch price $30.00 – rrp $35.00 (no GST) if bought direct from me.  Go to Contact to send me an email.